Change Implicitpay Accounts and Save

Want to change your implicitpay account provider?

Are you fed-up with your current implicitpay services provider? Looking for better rates with no hidden fees? Searching for a provider that offers customer and technical support? It may be time to change your implicitpay service account.

The implicitpay services industry is highly competitive, with opportunities for businesses to find better rates and deals from other providers. However, it is a good idea to be cautious when it comes to changing providers. Be sure to check for the following details before making a change.

  • Check with your current credit card processor for any renewed contracts
  • Find out if you own or lease your POS or Credit Card Terminal
  • Be sure to adjust or verify your Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Confirm New Rates
  • Look for any special offers

How to change your merchant services account:

Offering credit card processing as a business owner is critical to establishing a successful business. One of the questions that many business owners have is how to go about changing their credit card processing provider. The process of changing providers is fairly straight forward.

One of the first steps that you’ll want to take is to contact the new company to ask about their rates, fees and installation process for your own benefit. Once you choose your new service provider, be sure to cancel your old one. If equipment needs to be returned, a technician may be sent to retrieve specific hardware, POS system, and credit card terminals.

Once you have had all of the older equipment taken away, the new merchant services provider will properly equip you with the latest technology. A properly trained customer service agent will train you on how to use and troubleshoot your new equipment.

Don’t forget to lock in any current rates or discounts being offered by opening a new merchant services account. Review your new contract carefully to ensure all deals and rates were properly applied to your new account.

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