Change Implicitpay Accounts and Save

Want to change your implicitpay account provider? Are you fed-up with your current implicitpay services provider? Looking for better rates with no hidden fees? Searching for a provider that offers customer and technical support? It may be time to change your implicitpay service account. The implicitpay services

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Clover Vs Square-Mobile Credit Card Processing

Square tends to be one of the dominating Credit card This is a type of bank card that can be widely used all around the world as a form of payment. The credit card holder must then reimburse the credit card company for the amount of the

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How To Handle Your New Small Business

Today, small business are making a distinct mark for themselves. Most of these small businesses owners end up handling a lot more than just their business to make it successful. It gets stressful, at times. These simple tips should help you handle your business better. Have an

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10 Small Business Tips to Up Your Game

As a small business owner, you are probably aware of where your business could improve. Sometimes you’re just not sure how or where to start. Here are some tips to help you improve your small business. These quick pointers should help you ‘up your game’ 1. Sharpen

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Why Your Business Should Collect Payments Online

Many businesses have a website or online store but only collect payments via Cash on Delivery. While that changed drastically after demonetization, a cash crunch is not the only reason for you to collect payments online. Six reasons why your business should collect payments online: Scalability Companies

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Top 10 Reasons to Accept Credit Cards

Reason #1- Accepting credit cards adds credibility and builds trust. Grabbing a cardholders attention and establishing a sense of trust in your business is proven to increase a business’s sales. By displaying the logos of the credit cards you accept at your cash register and on your

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All about Apple Pay

If you are considering Apple Pay you may want to understand how it works and the potential benefits for merchants. Apple Pay is a relatively new form of ‘contactless payment’ also known as part of the NFC payment system. Apple Pay is available on both versions of

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What Are EMV Credit Card Machines?

We’ve been hearing about the EMV Chip Card for some time now, but the time has come and the EMV credit card and EMV credit card machine are here. You are a merchant, so I know what you are thinking: How does this affect me and by

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